Hong Kong Yachting complies with the Hong Kong Marine Department regulations. Hong Kong Yachting reserves the right to use photographs taken on charters for promotional purposes. If you are unhappy about a photo of you that is being used by Hong Kong Yachting, please contact us. The organisers of the charter are responsible for informing their guests of the charter details and Hong Kong Yachting’s Terms and Conditions. Hong Kong Yachting owns Tarzan and Jungle Jane only and although we take precautions to make sure the same safety and services is executed on other boats or speedboats we cannot be held responsible for their actions or staff. We would highly appreciate any feedback​.

In the event that the restrictions imposed by the Government in response to COVID19 result in a charter becoming prohibited on the originally scheduled departure date, we will arrange to reschedule the charter to a subsequent departure date on the following terms:

  • If the original departure date is on weekday, the rescheduled day must also be on weekday. If the original departure date is in the evening, the rescheduled day must also be in the evening.
  • Any difference in charter fee between the rescheduled day and the original charter date, will not be refunded.
  • Customers may only reschedule the departure date once, such rescheduled date to be within 6 months from the original charter date. If the charterer has not rescheduled then charter within this period, the charterer will be deemed to have forfeited 100% of the charter fee.
  • In the event of rescheduling due to the foregoing, we will not accept any change of vessel.
  • We will not accept any refund request.

1. Bookings, payments and cancellations


Boat bookings and catering orders are confirmed only when a 50% deposit is received. The balance must be paid in full, 14 days before the ticket/charter date, or the deposit will be lost. The party who made the booking and whose name is on the invoice is responsible for the final payment.

Payment details

  • Direct Deposit: HSBC 400-289617-838
  • Cheque: to Adelaide Cellar Door HK Ltd (Hong Kong Yachting’s parent company)
  • Credit Card: Visa / Mastercard / American Express (4.5% handling fee apply)


  • If a charter is cancelled the deposit or fully paid invoice is non-refundable.
  • If a charter is cancelled where no deposit has been received, a $1000 administration fee will be charged.
  • Charters cancelled for any reason will have to pay for all catering and drinks.


  • Once payment is received and the booking is confirmed, the date of the boat charter cannot be rescheduled.

2. Safety and passengers

The number of passengers cannot exceed the licensed capacity of the boat. The captain has the right to refuse to start the vessel’s engines. Passenger list to be completed before charter a complete list of passengers’ names and a contact phone number must be submitted to Hong Kong Yachting three days prior to departure. This is a requirement of the Marine Department and may be requested at any time. Indemnity form and charter agreement to be completed before charter Passengers are solely responsible for their personal safety and that of any property they bring aboard. (Click here to download indemnity form, charter agreement, passenger list template) Bringing illegal substances or using illegal substances during the boat trip is not allowed. For your own safety, no dancing at any time on any boat unless pre-approved. Swimming in the evening is also not recommended. Furthermore, Hong Kong Yachting takes no responsibility for damages, theft or personal injuries during boarding, the duration of the boat trip or at the time of disembarkation.

Children are the sole responsibility of their guardians and children 14yrs or below must wear a life jacket. We do not offer or provide child-minding services, and based on experience to ensure the safety of your children we recommend having at least 1 adult per 2 children to supervise.

When using inflatable toys (slides, trampolines, mats etc) please take caution and wear a life jacket. Children are not allowed to use these activities without wearing a life jacket.

No pets are allowed on the boats.

It is normal for the motion of the vessel to be uncomfortable in rough waters. Be aware of potential dangers on board including tripping hazards, moving parts, ropes and the boom on yachts. Passengers are advised to wear protective clothing from the sun including long sleeve shirts, hats and sun cream.

The Captain of the boat has the sole right for decisions made on board the boat regarding safety and may issue certain directions to staff and guests should a situation arise. The Captain reserves the right to control the music level on board. Following reckless or dangerous behaviour, the Captain reserves the right to return to the pier.

Please respect the environment. Passengers must not throw any bottles, cans or other trash overboard. Littering is an offence in Hong Kong.​

3. Additional cargo or equipment- download equipment pre-approval form​

Unless pre-approved, audio equipment and speakers are not permitted on board any of the boats. When the booking party plans to bring any audio equipment, Hong Kong Yachting needs to be informed 14 days prior to the charter date and it must be approved by Hong Kong Yachting. Some boats do not allow additional equipment and the captain has the right to refuse to start the vessel’s engines if unapproved equipment is brought on board.​

4. Food & drinks

Our food and drinks are supplied by external catering companies. We simply organise this on your behalf. Therefore any changes/disruptions in charter mean that you will need to collect the food and drinks and will be responsible for paying for it.

In cases where more passengers show up than originally confirmed and paid for food and drinks, any additional passenger will be charged at the food and drinks package rate per person. The Captain will not leave the wharf to begin the trip until all passengers are fully paid for food and drinks regardless of what amount was ordered for the boat.

At the end of the boat trip, upon arrival at the drop-off point, passengers are not to take any leftover food or drinks, unless they brought the food and drinks onboard themselves. If items are taken Hong Kong Yachting will send a bill to the organiser after the charter. We always put more food and drinks on boat to ensure you don’t run out during the charter so please don’t take advantage of the extra stock leftover.

In the case that the actual number of passengers attending the boat trip is less than the final number of confirmed passengers, Hong Kong Yachting does not refund food and drinks for un-attending passengers.

Hong Kong Yachting will not take responsibility for allergies. We will endeavor to remove items on menus when notified in advance but we cannot guarantee traces of nuts, eggs, wheat etc still won’t be present, so if you have a sever allergy we suggest bring your own food. Staff on the boats do no know exactly what ingredients are in items so asking them on the boat is too late for us to confirm

Utensils, plates, cutlery and cups are only provided when food or drinks package have been ordered through Hong Kong Yachting.

5. Trip details

If there is a change in the weather, the captain has the right to choose the safest route to a destination and/or safe location to dock. The passengers are assumed to embark and disembark at the same point unless organised otherwise. If special arrangements have to be made, they should be discussed beforehand with Hong Kong Yachting and might incur additional costs.


You must let us know in advance of your desired destination if you have a request, otherwise the Captain will take you to the most popular or safe location given the wind direction. Some destinations incur a fuel surcharge. It is up to the organiser to check with Hong Kong Yachting 7 days before the charter.

The Captain has the right to change the destination if the weather is unfavourable, but will communicate this with the booking party and give you the best options for the calmest weather on the day.

6. Booking changes (weather and mechanical failures)


The boat rental date cannot be changed for bad weather including rain, typhoon signal 1 and thunder warning, yellow or red rain warnings or any other bad weather conditions. In the case of very rough weather the captain has the right to postpone a charter and guests can reschedule. However this is the discretion of Hong Kong Yachting and if the booking party insists on cancelling the boat trip the charter amount will be forfeited.

However, if a Typhoon Signal 3 is hoisted or a Black Rainstorm Warning is issued in the 2 hours before the pick-up time booked, Hong Kong Yachting will automatically postpone the boat trip to a later date in agreement with the booking party or a credit note will be given for book and use within 6 months. Please note that the credit can only be applied to the same boat. In the event of rescheduling due to the aforementioned circumstances, requests to change the vessel will not be accepted.

If a Typhoon Signal 3 or higher is hoisted or a Black Rainstorm Warning is issued during the boat trip, the Captain has the right to return to the point of pick up immediately. In accordance with the Marine Ordinance, Hong Kong Yachting would like to emphasise that no compensation will be made for the remaining unused time.

In any case above, if catering and drinks have been ordered this is the responsibly of the guests and these will be available for the guests to collect. The payment for the goods is the responsibility of the guests.

Mechanical issues

If mechanical issues arise prior to the charter and the boat is not able to sail out, Hong Kong Yachting will try to provide a boat similar to the one booked. If no other boats are available. Hong Kong Yachting will arrange a re-schedule date.

If a mechanical break down occurs during a trip, the captain of the boat shall try his best to alleviate the problem. If this is not possible, the captain will make adequate arrangements to take all passengers back to shore.

If compensation time is returned, this will be negotiated with the office on the first working day after the issue. Please contact the office, the Captain’s focus is the safety of the boat and guests.

In any case above, if catering and drinks have been ordered this is the responsibly of the guests and these will be available for the guests to collect and the payment for the goods is the responsibility of the guests.

Refunds are therefore not applicable.​

7. Overtime and extra fuel charges

In the case that charters go overtime, which is out of the control of Hong Kong Yachting (i.e. guests not returning to boat in time for departure), additional charges will be incurred of HK$2000 per hour.

Extra fuel charges for long journeys apply – please confirm your route prior to departure. Each boat’s overtime and fuel charges are different depending on where they are moored.

8. Damages

The customer is liable for all replacement charges if the boat and its parts incur damages caused by the customer and its group during charters. The organiser is responsible for following this up.

9. Insurance

We have third party insurance for all guests on the boats, however it’s important to note that this will not cover damage of personal items or your guests in some situations such as drinking alcohol or eating food and others.

Adelaide Cellar Door HK Ltd (trading as Hong Kong Yachting) owns and operates two boats (Jungle Jane and Tarzan). It acts as an agent to facilitate the charter of other boats; however, it does not own or operate those other boats and shall not be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever arising, in respect of any charter of any boat other than Jungle Jane and Tarzan. In respect of charters involving Jungle Jane and Tarzan, Hong Kong Yachting’s liability for any loss or damage suffered by you or your guests shall not exceed the total charter fee of the relevant charter. Please note that all boat owners in Hong Kong are required by law to hold third party liability insurance.

To apply for your policy, simply enquire with one of our staff, who will be happy to help make arrangements for you.

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